Cancer Tests

Starting from our powerful AI Platform we managed to develop a powerful diagnosis service.

Artificial Intelligence - multi cancer detection Test


   AI-MCDT (patent pending) is based on advanced Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms) and uses circulating miRNA microarray, NGS or PCR data as input for multi-cancer diagnosis and early detection diagnosis. It is the best non-invasive early-detection test on the market with >99% accuracy for thirteen cancers types, thus increasing treatment efficiency, patient survival rate and lowering costs.

Cancer Tests

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Omics data analysis services with AI.

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The AI Multi Cancer Test

Patent Pending

Our groundbreaking solution enables early diagnosis and screening for 13 types of cancers, with > 99% accuracy, being the best. The test increases treatment efficiency, patient survival rate, and lowers the costs. It is based on a radically new vision, combining Biomedical Knowledge, Data Science, and advanced AI. It only needs a drop of blood, avoiding the fear, pain, and risks related to the surgical procedures, actually dominating the cancer diagnosis practice.


The AI Platform

While our main interest is to validate the cancer tests, we’re also developing a continuously evolving AI platform for omics data analysis. Using various grants, we are planning to add modules for toxicogenomics,  microbiomics and pharmacogenomics.