i-Biomarker CaDx

Revolutionizing Cancer Detection with AI

i-Biomarker™ CADX stands out with its unique approach, leveraging Generative and Explainable AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning for noninvasive cancer diagnosis. Analyzing circulating miRNA, NGS, Nanostring, or PCR data achieves unmatched accuracy in early detection, setting a new standard in the industry. Our advanced AI platform, i-Biomarker™ forms the foundation of our innovative and efficient diagnostic service. With an accuracy of 99-100%, our solution offers early diagnosis and screening for multiple cancer types, significantly enhancing treatment efficacy, improving patient survival rates, and reducing healthcare expenses. This underscores the profound impact of your work on patient care and outcomes.

AI-Powered Biomedical Data Science

Customized Data Analysis for Your Research Insights

Our Biomedical Data Science Services are meticulously tailored to your specific research needs. We leverage the latest bioinformatics, AI, machine learning methods, and deep biological expertise to provide custom solutions. This ensures that your unique research questions are addressed, fostering a sense of value and importance in your work.


            Our commitment is to redefine early cancer detection by harnessing the power of advanced AI, including Generative and Explainable AI, as well as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to achieve breakthroughs in early cancer detection and empower biomedical research. We are dedicated to saving and enhancing lives through accurate diagnostics and enabling biomedical professionals to effortlessly derive actionable insights from complex data. Our dual approach integrates innovative cancer tests and comprehensive data science services to elevate patient care and streamline research, ensuring our diagnostics and AI platforms are revolutionary, transparent, and trustworthy for physicians. 

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In 2020, our CEO Alexandru Floares was distinguished with an invitation to the prestigious Vatican conference on ethics in Artificial Intelligence, marking a significant accolade in our organization's journey. At this revered event, focused on the pivotal role of AI in modern ethics, Alexandru contributed insights on AI in Oncology. He was among a select group of only sixteen speakers, sharing the platform with notable figures such as the president of Microsoft USA and the president of IBM USA. This prestigious speaking engagement underscored the importance and global recognition of our innovative work, highlighting our commitment to advancing technology with ethical integrity.

In November 2022AIE company has been awarded the prestigious Seal of Excellence by the European Innovation Council (EIC), accompanied by a grant of 2.5 million EUR to propel the groundbreaking i-Biomarker CaDx testing strategy forward. This accolade highlights the project's exceptional merit and pioneering contributions to early cancer diagnostics, showcasing its potential for significant impact in the healthcare sector.

We're thrilled to share that our AIE's I-Biomarker Abstract, awarded the "Abstract Award," is now published in the JCO Global Oncology Journal. The publication, "i-Biomarker CaDx: A Circulating miRNA-Based Multi-Cancer Detection Tool with Explainable AI for Breast Cancer," marks a significant milestone following our presentation at ASCO Breakthrough 2023 in Yokohama, Japan. This achievement underscores our commitment to advancing cancer detection and treatment.

We are excited to share that our CEO, Alexandru Floares, and our company have been spotlighted in the 'Top 10 Emerging Companies Solving Cancer with AI 2023'. This honor recognizes our dedication to innovating cancer care with AI, underlining our role as pioneers in using AI technology for real health solutions.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 835911