i-Biomarker CaDx

Building on the foundation of our advanced AI Platform, we have successfully developed a robust diagnostic service that stands at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. Our innovative solution offers early diagnosis and screening for multiple cancer types with an accuracy of 99-100%, setting a new standard in the field. This test enhances treatment efficacy, improves patient survival rates, and reduces healthcare expenses.



In January 2023, AIE received $180,000 in Azure credits for winning the Microsoft Startup Competition, recognizing our contribution to the future of oncology with the i-Biomarker CaDx software suite. This suite utilizes advanced AI to revolutionize cancer diagnosis, personalize treatment, and enhance prognosis accuracy.

In November 2022, AIE company has been awarded the prestigious Seal of Excellence by the European Innovation Council (EIC), accompanied by a grant of 2.5 million EUR to propel the groundbreaking i-Biomarker CaDx testing strategy forward. This accolade highlights the project's exceptional merit and pioneering contributions to early cancer diagnostics, showcasing its potential for significant impact in the healthcare sector.

In January 2021, AIE was awarded a $100,000 grant from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance the development and deployment of i-Biomarker CaDx, a cutting-edge multi-cancer early detection test. This achievement came as part of the AWS AI Challenge, an initiative organized by Vestbee in partnership with AWS, aimed at spotlighting and assisting innovative AI startups. AIE's i-Biomarker CaDx stood out as a leading solution, demonstrating its capability to tackle real-world oncology challenges with AI technology.

In October 2020, AIE secured a €170,000 from the Romanian government, facilitated by European funding for research, innovation, and technology development. This funding is allocated towards the development of the i-Biomarker CaDx software suite, which seeks to revolutionize oncology by enabling early cancer diagnosis, personalized treatment, and accurate prognosis through advanced AI-powered analysis of biomedical data.

In October 2019, AIE was selected for the EIT Health Digital Sandbox Programme and granted up to €35,000. Focused on using circulating miRNA data for advanced multi-cancer diagnosis and early detection, AIE is among ten SMEs chosen across Europe. This funding boosts AIE's mission to create innovative digital health solutions that harness biobanks and health registers in Europe, aiming to enhance healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes in oncology.

In December 2018, AIE secured a €71,429 grant from the European Commission for its innovative i-Biomarker technology. This cutting-edge approach leverages circulating microRNAs for early cancer detection, surpassing traditional methods based on tumor DNA or cells. Our AI-enhanced analysis of microRNA profiles ensures unparalleled accuracy. Supported by the EU-funded AI-MICADIS project, AIE is strategically advancing partnerships and business plans to market this revolutionary technology.