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Artificial Intelligence Expert (AIE) is proud to announce its participation in the pioneering OPADE project, funded by the EU Horizon Europe! 


OPADE aims to revolutionize the management of Major Depressive Disorders (MDDs) by developing an advanced AI and Machine Learning predictive tool. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to identify early biomarkers that support the decision-making process for healthcare providers, integrating genetics, epigenetics, microbiome, and inflammatory data. The project will involve a clinical trial with 350 patients across 10 clinical sites in five countries, with a comprehensive follow-up spanning 54 months. By employing multi-omics analysis and AI-driven predictive modeling, OPADE strives for a more tailored approach to antidepressant prescription, fostering the paradigm of personalized medicine in mental health care.

We at AIE are excited to contribute our expertise in AI to OPADE, reinforcing our commitment to improving patient outcomes through innovative technology. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative project.For more information and to participate in the study, please refer to the OPADE brochure on our website.


Exciting News!


Our i-Biomarker CaDx international patent (pending) – a non-invasive Multi-Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis test working on 32 cancer types with 99-100% accuracy - was awarded with “Excellency Diploma and Gold Medal” at ProInvent 2023 the International Salon of Scientific Research, Innovation, and Inventions. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey, and we can't wait to continue pushing the boundaries of AI in the fight against cancer! 

MiWear - Transforming Healthcare with MIR Spectroscopy


Problem: Current healthcare relies on reactive models, often leading to late diagnosis and severe consequences for conditions like metabolic syndrome.


Innovation: MiWear revolutionizes healthcare with affordable Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy. We detect biomarkers in the skin, enabling continuous monitoring and informed healthcare decisions.


Consortium: Our diverse team, including experts in spectroscopy, biomedicine, AI, and business, collaborates to make this revolutionary technology accessible to all, with a focus on societal and economic impact.

Our CEO, Alexandru Floares, Recognized in 'Top 10 Emerging Companies Solving Cancer with AI 2023'
We are thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for our company and its visionary leader, Alexandru Floares, the Founder and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Expert. In a landmark recognition, Mr. Floares has been featured prominently in the prestigious 'Top 10 Emerging Companies Solving Cancer with AI 2023' edition of a leading magazine. This magazine celebrates the outstanding contributions of innovative minds dedicated to revolutionizing cancer treatment and diagnosis through the transformative power of artificial intelligence.


 We are thrilled to announce that our AIE's I-Biomarker Abstract, which received the "Abstract Award," has been published in the JCO Global Oncology Journal. Titled "i-Biomarker CaDx: A circulating miRNA-based multi-cancer detection tool with explainable AI for breast cancer," this remarkable accomplishment follows our presentation at ASCO Breakthrough 2023 in Yokohama, Japan.


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AIE presents "i-Biomarker™ CaDx Detects 99-100% of Lung Cancers" at the International Conference on Cancer Research and Clinical Trials (CRCT-2023)





Our company recently presented the abstract "i-Biomarker™ CaDx Detects 99-100% of Lung Cancers" at the International Conference on Cancer Research and Clinical Trials (CRCT-2023) hosted in Dubai. The abstract will be published soon in the British Journal of Cancer Research with a permanent DOI number!


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Invitation to Contribute a Chapter in 'Molecular Diagnostics of Cancer


We're pleased to announce that we've been invited to contribute a chapter to the upcoming book "Molecular Diagnostics of Cancer." with our proposal titled "i-Biomarker - Multi Cancer Early Detection as a Data Science with AI Problem"


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our groundbreaking research and expertise with a wider audience.



An European Project aiming to Optimise and predict antidepressant efficacy for patient with major depressive disorders using multi-omics analysis and AI-predictive tools.


31 January 2023

The Kick-off meeting of the European project OPADE was held at the EBRIS Foundation (EUROPEAN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SALERNO) on 23-24th January.  The project will have a duration of 54 months, ending on 31 May 2027.

The project general objective is to identify key biomarkers that support the decision-making process of the healthcare providers. The project focuses on the microbiota – brain -axis which plays a major role in mental health and in particular Major depression disorder. Through clinical investigations, the consortium partners will study the combination between genetics, epigenetics, microbiome and inflammatory networks.

OPADE project is 100% funded by the European Union (Horizon Europe Grant Agreement 101095436). Scientifically coordinated by EBRIS Foundation, it integrates a consortium of research centres, hospitals and enterprises from ten different countries. The consortium is completed by The CEINGE BIOTECNOLOGIE AVANZATE SCARL (Italy), PERSEUS BIOMICS (Belgium), FUNDACIO EURECAT (Spain), ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE EXPERT SRL (Romania), MAMA HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES GMBH (Germany), PROTOBIOS OU (Estonia), CEPHALGO (France), BIOKERALTY RESEARCH INSTITUTE AIE (Spain),  FUNDACION UNIVERSITARIA SANITAS (Colombia), UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI SIENA (Italy), STICHTING UNIVERSITAIRE EN ALGEMENE KINDER - EN JEUGDPSYCHIATRIE NOORD-NEDERLAND (The Netherlands), FUNDACIO INSTITUT D'INVESTIGACIO BIOMEDICA DE GIRONA DOCTOR JOSEP TRUETA (Spain) and ISTANBUL MEDIPOL UNIVERSITESI (Turkey).


During this meeting researchers from the different organizations discussed the key issues to be addressed during the first year and the administrative procedures to ensure the success of this innovative project.




AIE was awarded with a Seal of Excellence by EIC Jury


The Seal of Excellence (SoE) certificate recognises the value of the proposal and helps other funding bodies take advantage of the high quality Commission evaluation process.



AIE places 2nd in Romania's Top SMEs in domain of Innovation & Research


 AIE was named 2nd in profit in Romania's top for SMEs focused on Innovation and Research activities   




AIE was included in the 3rd edition of the
"Top Disruptors in Healthcare" Report


Our company is among the top disruptors in the innovative medical startups in CEE region. The report was officially published on June 14, 2022 during the international „AI in Health” Conference.



OPADE: Optimise and predict antidepressant efficacy for people with major depressive disorders using multi-omics analysis


AIE is part of the consortium for OPADE project. The project won the HORIZON-HLTH-2022-TOOL-11 Call in August and will begin in early 2023.   




AIE passed the 2nd stage for EIC Accelerator


On 18 July 2022 AIE recieved the GO for the 2nd stage of the EIC Accelerator project VINCI. Winning this 6M grant & investment will help us bring the Breast Cancer Early Detection Test to the market.




Patent Pending


The invention supporting our Multi-Cancer Early Detection test "METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MULTI-CANCER MANAGEMENT IN SUBJECT" is Patent Pending since 4th of July 2022.




Artificial Intelligence in the World of Oncology

Indian Journal of Cancer


Dr. Alexandru Floares, President of Solutions of Artificial Intelligence Applications (SAIA) and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Expert and OncoPredict, Romania opines that “Statistical Methods are still dominant even though there is a paradigm shift in the use of artificial intelligence in oncology. It is not a smooth evolution from traditional statistical methods to artificial intelligence.”




Human Intelligence and AI for Oncology advancement

Vatican News


Our CEO, Dr. Alexandru Floares, was an invited speaker at a 3-day workshop organized by the Pontifical Academy for Life on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He spoke to Vatican Radio on the potential for larger strides in the field of oncology and medical research through the efficiency that AI provides.




Artificial intelligence enhances cancer diagnostic testing

EU CORDIS: News article


The AI-MICADIS project developed and tested an extremely accurate, non-invasive tool for early detection and diagnosis of multiple cancer types.


Local Startups competitions

Startarium : Top 10 Start-ups in Romania

Our company participated in our national Start-ups Competition, Startarium, organized by Impact Hub Bucharest. 
There we managed to reach the final, where AIE was placed in the top 10 start-ups from Romania in 2019.



Evenimentul Anului în Industria Smart City - Gala Smart City Industry Awards 2020

Smart City Industry Awards, eveniment organizat de Asociația Română pentru Smart City, a ajuns la cea de-a 5-a ediție! In calitate de parteneri ai evenimentului, vă așteptăm live, online, în 20 decembrie 2020, de la ora 20:00.

Ediția 2020 a galei Smart City Industry Awards va premia acele persoane/instituții/companii care au știut să se adapteze contextului pandemic actual, să digitalizeze, să implice cetățenii în rezolvarea problemelor și în actul administrativ și să implementeze tehnologii și soluții inovatoare care să ajute comunitățile să traverseze mai ușor aceste vremuri dificile. Marele câștigător al Galei SCIA 2019, domnul Mihai Chirica, Primarul Municipiului Iași, este Președintele Juriului pentru ediția a V-a a Galei Smart City Industry Awards 2020.