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Local Startups competitions

Startarium : Top 10 Start-ups in Romania

Our company participated in our national Start-ups Competition, Startarium, organized by Impact Hub Bucharest. 
There we managed to reach the final, where AIE was placed in the top 10 start-ups from Romania in 2019.



Artificial intelligence enhances cancer diagnostic testing

EU CORDIS: News article


The AI-MICADIS project developed and tested an extremely accurate, non-invasive tool for early detection and diagnosis of multiple cancer types.




Human Intelligence and AI for Oncology advancement

Vatican News


Our CEO, Dr. Alexandru Floares, was a speaker at a 3-day workshop organized by the Pontifical Academy for Life on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He spoke to Vatican Radio on the potential for larger strides in the field of oncology and medical research through the efficiency that AI provides.




Artificial Intelligence in the World of Oncology

Indian Journal of Cancer


Dr. Alexandru Floares, President of Solutions of Artificial Intelligence Applications (SAIA) and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Expert and OncoPredict, Romania opines that “Statistical Methods are still dominant even though there is a paradigm shift in the use of artificial intelligence in oncology. It is not a smooth evolution from traditional statistical methods to artificial intelligence.”