Our mission is to redefine the landscape of early cancer detection by leading in the application of GenerativeAI for biomedical data analysis. Throughout the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we are aiming to process extensive biomedical datasets to create a superior, non-invasive diagnostic tool. Our dedication lies in enhancing treatment effectiveness, increasing survival rates, and reducing healthcare costs by delivering innovative and precise diagnostic solutions.


CEO and Founder

Alexandru Floares, MD,PhD


Alexandru Floares, MD, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Expert. His pioneering work in AI-powered medical diagnostics and therapy personalization, which began in 2000 with the establishment of the AI Department in the Oncology Institute of Cluj-Napoca, has significantly advanced the field. He launched SAIA (Solutions of Artificial Intelligence Applications) in 2004, a world-leading pioneer in the biomedical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in oncology, setting a new standard in the industry. He coordinated numerous research projects, leading to breakthrough results, such as the first intelligent system automatically extracting mathematical models from complex biomedical data. He established new State-of-the-art, being invited to present them at prestigious organizations like the National Institute of Health USA and the Vatican. He published many papers and received many awards. Since 2008, Dr. Floares has collaborated with the esteemed MD Anderson Cancer Center, a partnership that has led to revolutionary advancements in AI-enabled diagnostics for bladder and colorectal cancers. These groundbreaking achievements, later extended to 32 cancer types with 99-100% accuracy, recognized through an international patent application, are a testament to Dr. Floares' unique ability to blend deep medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology and his commitment to fostering collaboration between medical and technological disciplines.

Carmen Floares

CoFounder & Chief Medical Officer


Areas of expertise:

Medical Oncologist


Larisa Sarghie

Business Development Manager


Bioinformatics, Advanced AI, Genetics


Catalin Marginean

Account & Financial Manager


Financial management

Adrian Zety

Chief Technology Officer


Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology

Rafael Oliveira

Software Development Manager


Advanced AI, Bioinformatics, Statistics

Lampros Androutsos

Product Manager


Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Advanced AI/ML


Larisa Petcu

Project Manager




Scientific Advisory Board

George Calin, MD-PhD

Dr. George Calin is Professor at the Department of Experimental Therapeutics and Co-Director of The RNA Interference and Non-coding RNA Center, at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA. Furthermore, he is Professor at the Department of Leukemia, Division of Cancer Medicine, within the same institute. Dr. Calin received both his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees at Carol Davila University of Medicine in Bucharest, Romania. Dr. Calin was the first to discover the relationship between microRNA and cancer and published a seminal paper (> 5000 citations) in 2002. He opened and led an entirely new field of research and now is clear that miRNA is causally involved in oncogenesis, and likely to be the most informative molecular category for cancer diagnosis and screening.

Florin Manolache, PhD

Dr. Florin Manolache, is the Director of Scientific Computing for MCS at Carnegie Mellon University, where he leads the development of advanced computational strategies to bolster research. His expertise in scientific computing and computational methodologies significantly contributes to enhancing the university's research output. Additionally, as a Scientific Advisor for AIE, Dr. Manolache offers valuable guidance on leveraging computational techniques in AI, ensuring AIE's leadership in AI innovation.

Antonio Ornelas-Soares, PhD

Dr. Antonio Ornelas-Soares, an AIE advisor and CEO of LUMABS, is a distinguished entrepreneur with a focus on the integration of Health Sciences, Technology, and Business Entrepreneurship. His expertise encompasses strategic planning, business development, and commercial analysis within the health and medical sectors. With a significant experience in managing mergers and acquisitions, Dr. Ornelas-Soares has held leadership roles at various top-tier companies and has been instrumental in the growth of Deep Tech-based startups.

Ada Brzezicki, MD, MBA

Dr. Brzezicki is a Senior Business Development Manager and an executive team member at Partner International. In addition to her primary roles, she serves as a Scientific Advisor for AIE, leveraging her vast expertise to guide research and innovation strategies effectively. Dr. Brzezicki brings her extensive medical and business background to Partner International and its clients, playing a pivotal role alongside the international team in supporting client licensing, merger, and acquisition goals. Dr. Brzezicki is highly passionate about advancing medical research and therapeutics, and her work with AIE further underscores her commitment to fostering breakthroughs in the field.

Mark Regular, MBA

Mark Regular is a distinguished Scientific Advisor for AIE, renowned for his extensive experience in business development and the commercialization of scientific innovations. His career is marked by a successful track record of bridging the gap between groundbreaking scientific research and the marketplace, making significant contributions to the industry's growth. At AIE, Mark applies his expertise to guide research directions, foster strategic partnerships, and drive the successful translation of scientific advancements into viable products and services. His strategic vision and deep understanding of the business landscape in science and technology are invaluable assets to AIE's mission of promoting innovative solutions.

Mihaela Rus

Mihaela Rus, a driven Romanian entrepreneur in the advertising and marketing sector, is the CEO and owner of Vitrina Advertising. With headquarters in Cluj-Napoca and a Bucharest branch, her agency has over 30 years of experience, securing the trust of more than 500 brands with its creative and professional approach. Founder of the Cluj Businesswomen Association (AFA Cluj) and Vice President at the National Union of Romanian Employers, Mihaela is committed to fostering business excellence and community development.

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